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PlayWind the only online app
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Are you a beginner or a student in a music school?
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Video tutorials, masterclasses
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The App

PlayWind is a musical app available for all devices. PlayWind allows beginners and music students alike to extend their clarinet and saxophone learning through video tutorials developed alongside renowned music teachers. Discover the many approches to learning your instrument, for all the moments around your regular music classes!

Video Tutorials

A rich and up to date video library, from tutorials to masterclasses and technical videos, available in English and French.

Choose your teacher

PlayWind contains as many educational approaches as there are teachers, allowing for beginners and advanced musicians to choose his or her preferred teacher.

Follow your own pace

PlayWind is available on all devices so users can learn at their own pace by watching high-quality videos.

Share your passion

Interact with a community of musicians sharing a passion for clarinets and saxophones.


PlayWind was designed with renowned professors based on a traditional method of learning wind instruments, suitable for beginners and music students alike.


Available in English and French

Events calendar

Follow your favorite artists and stay up to date on the latest events


Comment videos with other users, teachers and musicians


The more you use PlayWind, the more rewards you can get!


PlayWind is a collaboration with renowned teachers offering an array of video tutorials, master classes and technical videos.

Michel Arrignon
J. Lawrie Blum
Ixi Chen
Jérôme Comte
Paula Corley
Mitch Estrin
Jean-Jacque Godron
Florent Héau
Russel Kirk
Brad Leali
Pascal Martinez Forteza
André Moisan
Mark Nuccio
Jean-Francois Phillipp
Tim Phillips
Didier Raymond
Michel Supera

Learn from videos

New videos will be added on a regular basis and will contribute to a rich database of videos about specific pedagogical topics.

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